How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus (US) / Father Christmas (UK)

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A child's letter to Santa - Free Example

Dear Father Christmas (UK)/ Dear Santa (USA),

My parents don't know that I am writing to you so I hope that you don't mind.

I have been waiting all year to write and tell you what I want this Christmas from you!

I don't know if you need to check how good I have been, I do try but sometimes it is hard to do everything mum (UK)/mom (USA) and dad tell me to do! The year is very long and so that is a lot of things to do that I don't like!

Please please please can you find me the (name of the gift you want). All of my friends have it and they won't let me play with them until I have one too!

The other thing that I also would like is the (name of the gift you want). It looks really cool and I know that some of my friends have it and think its great. Please Santa (USA)/Father Christmas (UK), I promise to be a good (boy/girl) if you bring me these two things this year!!

I will be leaving you out some yummy biscuits (UK)/cookies (USA) to nibble on in case you are hungry when you stop by with the presents, if you are thirsty just help yourself to what we have in the fridge! Mum (UK)/Mom (USA) & Dad won't mind!

Safe journey, we are the (3rd) house on the left, no. (34).


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