How To Give A Wonderful Farewell Speech On A Co-Worker's Retirement

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Funny Retirement Wishes for a Colleague or Boss - Free Example and Writing Ideas

Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored (tonight) to be able to present to you all (name of Retiree) retirement address to you all.

(Name of Retiree) has been with (name of company) for (20) years. He began as a (write personal history of how the retiree started with the company) and quickly found his footing and not only became a valuable member of our team but started to take over in areas that weren't even on his job description...

...such as when he (use a personal experience here such as "turned up at 5 am one morning thinking the clocks had changed" I thought he was just being extra eager to get an early start to his day!) or the time when (again, add another funny example of something the Retiree did that others found amusing during his time at the company)!

These are the fond memories that we all have of (name of Retiree)!

Jokes aside, (name of retiree)'s work acumen was second to none, always serious about his deadlines, his tasks for the day (Use a comical example such as :"laid out on little yellow post it notes stuck all over his desk"..) and was a sporty team the true sense of the word!

We could all always rely on (name of Retiree) when (use a comical, personal example of when help was needed and the Retiree came to the rescue!)

Ahh he will be sorely missed, by me, and I think I can speak for all of his team and those that had the joy to work along side of him all these years: You will not be easily forgotten or replaced (name), you can come back and visit anytime and it would be great if we could call you whenever we have an emergency with the (computers) that our new (tech) guy can't fix!

Well, enough from me, I want to let the (man/woman himself/herself) do the rest of the talking on this auspicious (night/day)!

Ladies and gentlemen, work colleagues and family; please give a warm welcome here (tonight) to (name of retiree)!

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