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Easy to adapt for Junior Landscape Architect, Assistant Fresh Graduate

Dear (Mr/Mrs + name),

I have been referred onto you and your company via (name of friend) who highly recommended your firm and suggested that I contact you to see if there may be any potential job opportunities for a young architect such as myself.

I am also a regular subscriber of (name of publication) where I also noticed that you had posted an advertisement for the position of (Project Assistant/ Landscape Architect etc.).

I have worked primarily in the field as a landscape architect using industry software such as (names of programs) to conceive and create practical, modern designs. I graduated in (subject name) and have honed my skills over the last (1/2) years.

I believe that during this time I have managed to increase my software knowledge that allows me now to be able to apply it to more diverse design requirements, increasing my ability to handle more complex jobs.

I have enclosed a copy of my Resume together with some contact information of my current boss and co-workers for references should they be required.

I hope to be able to meet you in person, to be able to discuss any possibilities of me joining your prestigious team at (name of firm/company).

Looking forward to hearing from you, I can be reached on my cellular number: (tel. Number) during office hours.



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