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Dear Mr. Nichols,

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself and demonstrate my interest in the available position of Merchandiser with Fruit Source Ltd, in the retail division.

I was referred onto you via (name of a professional in a key position) who suggested I contact you regarding the job due to my background in merchandising. I am currently employed with (name of company) and my key duties involve (give some key details to your current job responsibilities).

I am a fast learner, eager to pick up new techniques useful to the business. I am extremely organized with a high work ethics that I aim to instill in the co-workers around me and in my team.

I have over the past (4) years, focused primarily on (details of your main focus), where I have given great attention to detail in the following areas:

- Management of point of sales materials and their positioning in store

- Managing the shop floor staff and addressing certain customer requests

- Keeping our customer database up to date with our new seasonal sales specials

- Re-organising product displays, so as to keep key products in prime visibility for effective selling

- Sourcing over stocked products from inventory to be put into a promotional sale position for a quick sale such as Gift with Purchase or other.

I have been looking for a new challenge for some time now and when I heard about the available position I felt it was really perfect for me.

I very would appreciate to be given the opportunity to be able to formally interview for the position in person. I feel that you will be able to see my strong dedication to my job and responsibilities.

I have enclosed my C.V/Resume with further details of my qualifications. I hope to hear from you soon regarding this position or any other opportunity that may arise with (name of the company).

Looking forward to hearing from you,


(your name)

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