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Subject : Application for the position of [Job]

Dear (name),

I stopped into the (name of Day Spa/hairdresser etc.) yesterday morning to inquire about a potential job opening for a part-time aesthetician at your day spa. I was very pleased when I heard that there was in fact an opening and I would hereby like to formally apply for the job.

I hold a diploma in (details) from the (name) School of Beauty and have been working for the last few years at (name of current employment).

Even though I am fairly junior compared to my other co-workers, I have over my short period of employment gained a substantial amount of hands on experience while accumulating and maintaining a loyal and growing client base.

I love my work and enjoy the ability to constantly improve my trade through the use of the new products and technologies that frequently become available to the beauty industry.

I am able to perform cosmetic skin treatments such as waxing using various methods including the Brazilian wax, laser hair removal using (name of machine), as well as facials, microdermabrasion and body treatments.

I have enclosed a copy of my Resume and hope to be able to come in to meet you for a formal interview and opportunity to become a proud member of your team.

Kind regards,


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