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Dear Miss Smithson,

I would like to take a moment out of your day to briefly introduce myself and to be considered as a potential candidate for the Fitness Trainer position during the summer months.

I am currently working (part time/full time) at (name of establishment), but have been looking for a more challenging position over the last (few months). The requirements for the job as listed on (your website) seem to fit in with exactly what I feel I possess and can provide as a service to your valued clientele.

I hold a (degree) in (name of degree), have (3) years experience working in health clubs as a (trainer). I over the last (year) started to diversify and have honed my skills in (nutrition, Pilates etc.). As a result, my skills are varied and are able to cover a variety of specialist needs.

I believe it is always best to be well rounded in fitness knowledge as so often different practices are intrinsically linked to one another. A rounded knowledge allows for a better assessment of the individual and how to better lead the client to their desired fitness targets and goals.

I believe that due to my varied knowledge and experience, my fitness and sports guidance would be a positive addition to your already very professional team.

I hope to be able to discuss this further,

Thank you for your time today and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


(Your name).

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