Summer Beach Job Cover Letter Free Example (Work in Australia)

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Dear (Sir, Madame, Mr. Name, Mrs. Name, Miss Name),

I would like to take this brief moment out of your day to introduce myself to you and outline my skills and experience in the lifeguard/life saving sector.

I am a German national, currently living and studying in (City + Country).

I have visited Australia on numerous occasions and have family (or friends) living in (name of Australian city). I am currently looking for a summer job and would like to apply for a position as a lifeguard on (name of beach + city).

Apart from speaking German, I am fluent in English, having studied (number of years) at (name of school + city/country).

I have been an avid swimmer since the age of (age) and have always put a high level of importance on the safety measures required in order to successfully practice water sports. I am an experienced surfer with (number) years surfing in (list countries you surfed).

I am a certified holder of the Red Cross "Waterfront Lifeguard Certification" which I received (years) ago.

I would like to thank your for your time in reading this letter today and I very much hope that you will contact me regarding an opening for a lifeguard position in Australia as soon as possible.

With kind regards

(your name)

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