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How to download one of our free templates?

To download and edit one of our free templates in Word (.docx) or PDF format depending on the type of document, simply click on the download link below each template on the site. Please note that all our documents are compatible with the Office 365 and LibreOffice suites on Windows, Linux and Mac OS and generally with all software supporting these formats, but there may be some slight formatting discrepancies depending on your application's configuration.

Our examples have been designed to be easily adapted and customized, often providing different situations or contexts, and where relevant we include the relevant legal texts for documents with legal implications.

Are the files secure?

The files we offer for download have been previously tested with the latest version of Bitdefender anti-virus software and don’t contain any macros or malware. The files are natively optimized to be light and don’t exceed 50 kb on average (up to 500 kb maximum for certain PDF contracts).

Reminder of the Conditions of Use

The documents that we make available to you free of charge are for personal usage only and are subject to copyright. In concrete terms, you’re free to use and modify them as you wish, including for professional use within your organization. However, you aren’t authorized to make them available to the public, such as on a blog or in a book, or to use them for commercial purposes (sale of the model alone or as a complement to an offer). Any reproduction for this purpose, even partial, is strictly forbidden without the express authorization of

Also, we remind you that you’re solely responsible for the use of the model in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the country of use. Although we update them regularly, it’s possible that the laws have changed since they were last revised.

Our various free downloadable and ready-to-use contents (Word or PDF format)

sample covering letters

130+ Cover Letters

We have sample cover letters for a wide range of jobs and qualification levels (blue-collar, white-collar, technician, supervisor, executive and manager) in all areas of professional activity. We also offer cover letters for students and people wishing to undertake further training, to take an entrance exam, to enrol at a university or college and much more.

examples of word CVs

20+ Word CV Templates

Your curriculum vitae is the showcase of your professional background and skills. When it’s first read by an employer or an admission panel, it must attract attention and highlight the main elements that will enhance your application (key words, skills, aptitudes). To do this, your CV should be well formatted, clear and neat, preferably on one page and personalized according to the job offer, the job description and the company.

administrative mails

100+ Administrative Mails

We have hundreds of examples of letters to write to your employer, landlord, banker or administration, whether to assert a right, dispute a situation, lodge a complaint, make a specific request, terminate a contract, claim a refund, obtain help and for many other reasons! When necessary, we provide you with the legal texts that may apply in your situation, as well as additional resources.

personal texts and speeches

100+ Personal Texts and Speeches

We don't just do administrative letters and applications! We also have more personal texts to help you formulate your wishes, write an original speech for a birthday or wedding, reconnect with a friend or declare your love, but also, unfortunately, to offer your condolences to your loved ones. In a lighter context, we have also devised letters of thanks, congratulations and invitation texts.

professional documents and letters

30+ Professional Documents and Letters

Professionals, the self-employed and company managers haven’t been forgotten and we have published documents in Word or PDF format, as well as model letters for client-supplier relations, for writing to business partners or in the context of human resources management, but also for applying for a grant, obtaining a payment extension, taking legal action and many other things.