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IOU or Promissory Note (sample letter)

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(Promissory notes constitute a promise to pay some type of loan)

AMOUNT: ($ 000) Date due for repayment: (day/month/year)

Today, (20th) of (May) in the year Two Thousand and (eleven), I, (your full name) guarantee to pay to the order of (name of payee), who is a resident of (street number, house/office number, city, postal code, country.) the amount of ($000) (write the amount in words).

Interest will be charged and added to the outstanding balance at a (monthly) rate of (2)%.
Should the repayment be delayed and not made after (X) days of the original agreed payment date, the sum of $(000) shall be added to the main sum.

The total amount is payable on (day/month/year) in (full address/location).

Signed and witnessed by:
(Witness' name in print) (Witness' address)
(Witness' signature)

Borrower's Name (full name)
Borrower's Address: (full address)
Borrower's Signature: (sign)
Date: (Day/month/year)

IOU or Promissory Note (sample letter) by