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Sample Thank you letter

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(sending thank you letter)

When thanking an employer for an interview there are many different approaches to writing - you may be requesting a second interview, further information or indeed enquiring about different openings which may better suit your skills base - regardless of the purpose of your thank you letter or the type of job you applied for; the first few lines remain the same - you are thanking the employer for his or her time. Mark the positive points and things that you discovered through the interview process.
If requesting a second interview do so in the final paragraph; similarly when requesting further information.

Dear Ms. Doe,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to discuss with me the recent opening of subject co-ordinator in your school.

I was very impressed with the motivation of the staff and enjoyed taking the time to discuss the different aspects of the job with them. It was interesting to hear the opinions of each member of staff and if given the opportunity to work in your school, I feel I could do my best to put into practice the suggestions of those whom I spoke to. I also appreciated the tour of the school; it seems that you have put the wide range of IT resources available to very good use.

During the interview process I found out much more about the school as both a school and a working environment and as such, has given me the desire to work there. I feel that my skills and passions would be of benefit to your already vibrant and enthusiastic staff.

I look forward to hearing from you and as you requested in the interview I have I included the names and addresses of the two referees that will be willing and able to respond to any questions you may have.


Margeret ANON

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