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Dear Mr. Holmes,

I today saw the advertisement listed in the (Sunday Times Newspaper) for the position of Bus Driver that City Transport Ltd. is currently looking for in (city).

I have been looking to (relocate closer to home) and this job seems perfect for me as (the bus depot is located just 10 mins from my home etc.).

I have experience as a (school bus driver etc.) in (name of city/town) where I have been working for the past (2) years. I am extremely conscientious and understand that the passengers enjoy a smooth and safe ride to get them from A to B as swiftly as possible.

I try to always remain courteous to passengers, be as helpful as I can with any queries or difficult situations, while driving safe. I have over the past few years made some good friends at the (name of company) head quarters and hope to be able to do the same in my next job.

I am proud to have the reputation among my current co-workers as someone who is reliable, enjoys driving and being around people.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet in person and interview for the position formally. I believe face-to-face is always best and I am sure that when you meet me that you will agree that I would be a welcome addition to your already dedicated team of drivers.

Please find enclosed/attached my Resume/CV for your further consideration.

Very much looking forward to hearing from you, should you require any references, you may contact (name, position and contact details).


(Your name).

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