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Bank Customer Service Representative cover letter

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(banking position - Banker Senior)

Dear (name),

Following our telephone conversation (yesterday), I would hereby wish to formally apply for the vacant position of Customer Service Representative with (name of bank).

I have worked in banking for many years now, currently employed at (name of current bank employer) where I have enjoyed my position as (name of position) for (x) years now. I have grown as much as possible with the bank, however, I have been looking to diversify and becoming a customer service representative seems like the perfect position for me.

I have excellent customer relation skills being the "people" person that I am. I enjoy the interaction between clients, which is currently a large part of my job here at (name of current bank). My duties include account management for over (X) private clients, problem solving, & strategic business development. I would like to add to my responsibilities such areas as marketing & sales, which is why I believe that this position with you is the perfect "next step" for me.

Keeping customers happy, allowing them to feel heard and understood are often the most common requirements from a client. I enjoy learning about each individual and their expectations from their bank and in turn providing them with solutions to their problems or pro-active suggestions to keep them a happy customer.

I have throughout my experience, learnt how to find realistic goals which the bank is able to fulfill by taking into account the company's diverse capabilities. This often results in a satisfied, repeat client, remaining loyal to his/her banking corporation.

Hoping to hear from you soon and meet in person.

Kind regards
(name & signature)

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