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Thank you letter for attending a live performance

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(thank you letter after strong performance)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Edwards,

I would like to take this opportunity to send out my most deep felt gratitude for your show of support (last Tuesday) for the (East West City Hall's) performance of (name of the performance). We were honoured to have the dual support from yourselves and (the Symons charitable foundation) who were instrumental in making the event happen but without your (financial) support we would have never seen our hopes and dreams come to life on stage and be such a success.

We were all so anxious to see the turn out on opening night and we are proud to be able to inform you that thanks to your support, the show has managed to raise (amount of money) which is beyond what we were hoping for.

All those involved have worked incredibly hard over the last (3) months during the lengthy preparations and incessant rehearsals striving to make the opening night performance the best it could possibly be. Your presence in the audience was just as important for them as was making sure they remembered all their parts and choreography. The generosity you have shown goes far beyond one of (financial) means but is also one of kindness and compassion.

Being present and filling the seats in the auditorium ensuring a full house or a performance is irreplaceable.

We all thank you very much, from us all at (name of company etc.) and all (100 actors and dancers), proud to be a part of this show.

(Your name + job title)

Thank you letter for attending a live performance by