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Plumber Apprentice cover letter

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(Apprentice, Journeyman Plumber)

Dear Mr. Plumber,

I am writing to you today regarding the plumber apprentice program that (Plumb Right Inc.) is offering. I learnt of the opportunity via (a friend/newspaper advertisement, website etc.) and would very much like to present myself here briefly to you for the position.

I am eager to launch my career and become a certified plumber. This apprenticeship experience with a company such as (Plumb Right Inc.) is something that I have been searching for. I believe that this is exactly the type of training that I require, the hands on experience, responsibilities and dedication to the job that will allow me to launch myself into a professional career as a plumber.

I am a quick learner but I can also bring certain skills to your team such as blue print reading, basic mathematical equations, patience, a strong attention to detail (please use this paragraph to list some of your skills and expertise.) I also love to problem solve and to find creative yet effective solutions to problems. I work well under pressure, something that I believe to be strength in this business where often the work can be urgent and require concentration under not so calm situations.

I have already had extensive, out in the field experience due to (please use an example of your background here and how/when you have already successfully worked on plumbing jobs. - give examples and dates).

I believe that I could prove to be a wonderful addition to your already very professional team and demonstrate my learning capabilities further.

Thank you for your time today.
I hope to be able to meet with you face to face and discuss your expectations for the apprentice position and future plans.

(Your name)
(Contact details).

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