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Construction Foreman manager

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Dear Mr. Jones,

I am very interested in the advertisement that you have listed in (name of publication) regarding the available position of Construction Foreman/Manager, with your team at (name of company).

I have been actively working in the construction business since (2005), having started out as (name your position, and details of what your responsibilities were in one of your very early jobs in the business, this is to give some background history of your experience).

I over the years have worked my way up to the position of foreman, managing various projects in the (housing, hotel, office etc.) fields.

I am currently in between projects, my last project was (please give details of your last project to date, include some of the key responsibilities and achievements you wish to highlight.)

I have had an interest in construction (ever since childhood etc.) and my natural attention to detail, the need for accuracy and patience makes me a perfect fit to the job requirements. I enjoy the day-to-day experiences and have a proven track record of thinking out of the box for effective problem solving under pressure.

I keep a close eye on my team and ensure that instructions are carried through as they are designed to be, while keeping a harmonious atmosphere between the workers and myself. This job requires a strong sense of pride in our work; from myself as well as the workers I manage. A good and open working relationship I believe is essential for a successful job to be done, a balance that I have proven to be able to provide in my construction work history.

Some of my key experiences and qualities include:
(Please list here)
(In bullet points)
(Some of your key responsibilities in the past)
(Personal talents)
(Essential on the job ‘know how')

I have enclose/attached my C.V/Resume for your further consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I am available for more questions or references on Tel: +86-34-384-480.

(Your name).

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