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Requesting an Internship position for a Master Program

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(Master / graduate program cover letter)

Dear Mr. (Smith)

I have been frequently checking your company's career opportunities section on your website and was excited to find the listing for the summer internship position available at (name of company) this coming (July).

I am currently taking my MBA focussing on (list subjects: Finance, Management etc.) at (name of school). I am in my (1st, 2nd) year of studies and am seeking to further my 'on the job' experience through a challenging internship such as your firm's reputable summer program.

I recently (list here some of your past experience if any through other internships you have completed or school achievements in your business areas of interest that could display your skill sets.)
These personal experiences have shown and proven to me that this is the career path that I chose and look forward to expanding upon them for my future career in finance.
I am highly analytical, organised and a team player. I enjoy leading projects and researching problems and how to find adaptable solutions.

I very much hope to further these skills and feel that your internship program would help me develop my strengths while allowing me to prove that I would be a welcome and significant addition to your company and it's teams.

Please find enclosed my Resume/CV for your further consideration.
I would very much like to be able to meet with you to discuss the opportunity further, perhaps at (company name) recruitment seminar in (month/day etc.)

Very much looking forward to hearing from you,
(full name)

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