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Production Line Worker cover letter

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(Automobile plant, Assembly Line Worker)

Dear Mr. Moto,

I noticed the advertisement posted in (Auto Today Magazine) regarding the available position of Production Line Worker at (BMW) in (name of town/city).

I have (7) years experience working as an assembly line worker at (Volkswagen), before that I worked at (name of company) in (city) as a (position held).

I am used to working under strict time frames and deadlines in the highly precise environment that is required for this job. I am a fast learner and enjoy learning the use of new technology, machinery and latest building processes which are often updated in this highly specialized field.

I have enclosed my Resume/CV for your further consideration that highlights my key responsibilities that have included specializing in areas such as:

(personalize these key points if you prefer with your own points, here are examples):

- Basic Equipment repairs,
- Safety Standards,
- Quality Control,
- Following & interpreting blueprints for assembly,
- Precision soldering

Further details can be found in my Resume/CV, including information concerning production targets and (put what you may feel is important to highlight.)

I am committed to my work; enjoy striving to be the best that I can be and constantly looking for new ways to improve assembly as well as pre-empting any assembly problems, which may occur so as to reduce accidents among workers.

I would appreciate the opportunity to be able to meet in person and interview formally for the position.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch; I am available on (09-2949-2939).
Looking forward to hearing from you,
(your name)

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