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Machine Operator cover letter

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(to work in a factory)

Dear Mr. Sharp,

I am writing today so as to introduce myself to you regarding the available position of Machine Operator at (Sun & Son's Fabrics).

Currently I am employed with (name of company) and have been working here since (2005). During my time here, I have been responsible for (list some of your key areas of responsibility) and have learnt to work effectively in a very fast paced, factory environment.

Certain areas that I particularly excelled in were (list here a little of your experience such as loading and unloading trucks, stock assembly, certain machine operations if any, etc.).

I am used to working (10hr) shifts, (5) times a week. This has been my experience so far and I have been trained to work these long hours during my time at (name of current/last employment).

As a result, I have been successful in organising my time efficiently so that I may be at my best at work and at home with my family.

I enjoy my current work but have looking for a slight change in timetable. I am aware that a machine operator can do slightly longer hours per shift but that the number of shifts required also drops accordingly.

I have experience (Please use this paragraph to list your personal experiences and skills that you have acquired and that would benefit this new position.)

I hope that this brief introduction will allow us to meet for a more formal interview.
I would very much hope to discuss the job specifications in more depth, demonstrate my enthusiasm further and learn what exactly (name of company) is looking for.

(Your name & Contact information)

Attachments/Enclosed: C.V/Resume

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