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Sabbatical Leave Request Letter

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(Request for taking a sabbatical leave)

Dear (name),

I would like to hereby formally request the opportunity to take a (6/12) month sabbatical leave, commencing 6 months from today, on (day/month/year).

I have been (your position) at (name) university for (X) years and would like to conclude my research on (full details of your project/work). I hope to be able to accomplish this life goal that I have been working towards since (date) and return to the faculty with a renewed sense of energy, sense of self accomplishment and indispensable research which will be available to the university via my future students and my course directions.

I believe that the (research/or course) will provide the university with (benefits you wish to list).

During my time off, I will be (travelling to) / (working from home) and will be available should the university need to be in touch.

I have enclosed further information regarding my aims to achieve at the end of my sabbatical and am very much looking forward to taking the time off for this experience I have been working so hard to see come to fruition.

(your name & teaching position)

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