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Goodbye letter (following a resignation)

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(starting a new job)


Dear (current employer)

I would hereby like to formally notify you of my departure from (current company name) and my position as (name of position). I have accepted a job opportunity to start with (new company name) on (date).

I have over the past (amount of time) greatly enjoyed my position here at (name of company) and would like to thank you for having believed in me and given me the opportunity to spread my wings with the challenges that were expected of me.
I will miss my work environment here where everyone has always been so warm and a pleasure to work with, but I feel that I am at a stage in my career where I need to experience new challenges and explore new opportunities.

Please stay in touch, my personal contact details remain at your disposal, I can be reached via my personal email (dhf@fhgt.com).

Once again, thank you for everything,
All the best,

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