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Call on a professional ghost writer! The service starts from just $30 / 25€ !

write a letter Would you like a personalised and professional high quality letter ? has selected a qualified, registered and high quality writer who is ready to design and create the perfect letter for you.

Thanks to this exclusive partnership, you receive a privileged rate -a high quality yet cost effective service.

how works How does it work ?

Take time to read the terms of service and then complete the form below. Our ghost writer will get in touch with you to further discuss your needs and create the perfect letter for you - better still; the enquiry is free and there is no obligation to continue.

How much does it cost ?

To create a letter of professional quality takes time and as a result costs a bit more; however have negotiated a special price with its partner and as a result you benefit!

Your enquiry and first quote are free of charge. As an indication, the average price is $30.

Important points

- We do not use any of the free templates !

- Please be as precise as possible with your request, giving as much detail as you can - you could also include a copy of your CV to give the writer a better idea of your skills and background.

- Before sending the form please read, and accept our terms and conditions of use.


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