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To work in a Fast Food Chain

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(McDonald's, Burger king, KFC, Subway, Pizza etc.)

Dear (Mr.Donald)

I would like to apply for the available position as advertised in the (Daily Star) newspaper, for a (cashier/server/cook) job at your fast food establishment.

I (am currently attending New Port City college / recently graduated from New Port City College) and currently am working (part time/full time) as a (details of position) at (details of where).

I am a highly efficient and organized person with good leadership qualities, a teamwork mentality and enjoy working under pressure. I believe that I would be a welcome addition to your existing service team and would like to be given the chance to demonstrate my skills to you.

I am an active member in my (school/community or other group & list why and what you do there to demonstrate your dedication and leadership qualities), enjoy being around people and being a part of the community.

I know that I would be able to quickly learn the important guidelines and company protocol and hope to be able to meet you in person for a formal interview to discuss this opportunity further.

I am available (mention clearly the times when you are available to be contacted) and can be reached on my home phone (tel: 40-58-29483-00) or my mobile (tel:03-293920-23).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon
(Your name in full)
(email: newjob@gmail.com)

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