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Webmaster Internship cover letter

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(internet, developer internship)

Dear Mr. (Peters),

I am currently studying at (MIT), this is now my (2nd) year of study, I am majoring in (computer science, Programing, PHP, etc.) and have been searching for a challenging summer internship position for this upcoming (July) in the hopes of expanding my on the job experiences and improving on my skill set for further refinement.

My course focus is primarily on (state some examples such as Server Applications, Cross platform conversions, SEO etc.).

(Last year) I worked at (name of past Internship company experience) for (3 months) where I honed my skills at (Examples: maintaining existing B2B websites) as well as dealing with external vendors such as (list companies) who required some (give the details of particular projects you worked on and responsibilities.)

I am a team player, enjoying meeting new people and forming new, close working relationships with those working with me. I am extremely organized and enjoy reaching the completion stages & finishing tasks at hand.

I believe that my high work ethics and social abilities are what are needed in order to fulfill the employer needs ensuring an enjoyable work environment and maintaining excellent company-client relations.

I have (list any points worth mentioning such as getting recommended, or commended in past work experience) and am sure that I can become a valid member of the (name of company) team.

I thank you for your time and consideration today and very much look forward to hearing from you.

Please find attached my full resume/CV for further information.

(Full name)

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