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Tour Guide cover letter

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(letter of motivation : Summer Job)

Dear (Ms. Smith),

I am writing concerning the Tour Guide position currently available at (XYZ Tours & Co.) that I recently came across in (The Nature's Guide to Travel).

The position is one that greatly interests me as it is listed as being for the summer months of (May through to the end of August with the potential to continue on for the winter season.)
I have many years experience and knowledge concerning various countries and their cultures that I have gathered over my years working as a field tour guide since (1993).

I am proficient in several languages (list a few here), possess a strong love nature and enjoy passing on this passion for our land to our customers in an exciting and educational manner which will leave them not only with a lasting memory of the country that they have visited but also of myself and the company I am working for.

I am comfortable and enjoy adventure, I have created numerous adventure tours across rugged terrain in (list countries/places) and hold a (First Aid Certification or any other gained certification). I am a good communicator, able to put people at ease in case of danger or fearful situations should they arise.

I hope to be able to meet you in person and be able to further discuss this exciting opportunity with (XYZ Tours & Co.). I am confident that I would prove to be a welcomed new member of your experienced team, whether it is for this short summer period or longer.

Please find (enclosed/attached) my (C.V/Resume) with my detailed career history, languages and industry knowledge.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
(Your name & Signature)

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