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Gardener Landscaper cover letter

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(Landscape Services)

Dear Mrs. Brown,

I noticed your advertisement in (name of location/publication etc.) concerning a full time gardener.

I have been working as a gardener for (10) years now and I love what I do. I am looking to change my job location (give an example such as: to be closer to home and to my family so as to cut down on commute time or any other relevant reason you might like to share.)

I have an extensive knowledge of the areas best plants and fauna to use for specific purposes such as landscaping, privacy, wildlife attracting, insect repelling and much more. Each plant can be used to fulfill your requirements and can successfully be used to both enhance a space while providing a natural barrier to a specific need.

I enjoy being outdoors and believe that with my knowledge and passion for nature, your garden will find that new breath of life hat you have been hoping for. I am devoted to my job and passion, keep a fully organized schedule for planting and nursing new plants while always taking care to rotate the species in order to keep the soil fresh and full of nutrients.

Concerning the use of pesticides. I use only natural products such as (list what you wish here for more information) and only use a non-organic/natural product if it is deemed truly necessary, such as an infestation of (example). In these cases, I will revert to stronger chemicals but as a general rule, I do my best to treat any problems naturally first. I am aware that there is a slight elevation in costs when using natural products and this is factored into my costs. I hope that you too would be able to see the benefits of using these natural products over the chemical versions, for the benefit of our planet but more importantly on you, your family and the land and nature surrounding your property.

I believe a face-to-face meeting would be so much better, where we may be able to discuss your requirements further.
Looking forward to meeting you,
(Your name & Telephone number)

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