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I.T Engineer cover letter

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(IT Developer, Operations Engineer, IT Architect and Lead Engineer)

I am writing in response to the recent advertisement in the (name of publication/website), concerning the opening for an I.T Engineer at (name of the company). This job opportunity is one that I am extremely interested in and have been seeking for a while now.

I have a love of computers and have been passionate about the field for (10) years now.
I love the challenges involved in troubleshooting through a problem no matter how big or small and enjoy working as part of a team. These key points are what I see are what you are seeking in the appropriate candidate to join your team.

I have over the years gained extensive experience working with almost every type of computer hardware which has also lead me to become vastly knowledgeable in the various required software packages we use day to day. Security programs and features are also areas I know well and feel comfortable navigating around in moments of urgent breaches of security, should they occur.

I feel that I have a deep understanding of both software and hardware that would make me a valuable asset to your already impressive team.

I am able to provide some of the following:
Ongoing technical support for all Windows, Linux (list software and if includes MAC etc.)
Set-up and maintenance of complex company networks
(continue to list your professional areas of expertise - up to 6 bullet points should suffice)

I am a highly dedicated individual, taking great pride in my work.
I would like to be able to have the opportunity to meet formally in person should my attached Resume/C.V prove to be of relevance.

I believe that I am the right person for the job, someone who would be able to provide your company with the in house I.T engineering skills required, with a strong focus on security.

I hope to be able to learn more abut your company's needs and how I might be able to better address them.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

(Your full name & contact Tel.)

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